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    We are
    re-imagining housing

    Starting at $2, we are changing the
    way the World houses its people

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    330 million people live
    in substandard housing

    A market solution is desperately needed

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    Upgrading lives at
    only $2 a day

    Revolutionising the way we live


Chototel was conceived out of the need to provide quality and dignified housing solutions in a global market that fails to cater to those at the bottom of the pyramid. Soaring rentals and housing prices are fueling housing poverty, resulting in a greater number of people living in substandard housing. Formed from the words “chotu” - meaning small in both Hindi and Japanese - and “hotel,” Chototel will provide clean, safe and affordable accommodation. With the use of innovative technologies, including a closed-loop off-grid utility system and IoT technology, Chototel will address an underserved target market.

The Demand for Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Solutions - Chototel

households today in the United States, the European Union. Japan and Australia are financially stretched by housing costs.

households in the developing world live in slums.

urban households today, around the world, live in substandard housing or are financially stretched by housing costs.

Budget Hotels - Chototel

people, that is 440 million families by 2025, will occupy crowded, inadequate and unsafe housing, or will be financially stretched based on current trends in urban migration and income growth.

per year is the housing affordability gap, which is equivalent to 1% of global GDP. In some of the least affordable cities, the gap exceeds 10% of local GDP.

is the estimated cost to replace today's substandard housing and build additional houses needed by 2025.

Chototel offers budget-friendly accommodation with uninterrupted utilities, clean, potable water and social infrastructure. Our operating model, while delivering market returns, is able to create unparalleled economic, social and environmental impact.

Our mission is to supply 1% of the world’s demand for affordable housing by 2025 and build 5 million super-budget hotel rooms in the next decade.

To offer hotel rooms starting at US $2 per day with uninterrupted water, gas and electricity.