The IOT Revolution: What this Means for Chototel

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has long been a hot topic in the technology industry as the next revolution in our digital era. Essentially, IOT technology refers to the increasing interconnectivity between our physical and online worlds. Regular items becoming “smart”, from refrigerators that know when you need milk to keys that can be located with the touch of the button, are all part of this IOT revolution. One thing all these high-tech products have in common, however, areconnotations of luxury and indulgence: IOT has become synonmous with exclusive gadgets for the high-end market.

However, Chototel is using IOT differently. Dedicated to increasing the supply of affordable rental homes, Chototel has employed IOT to cut costs and make everyday necessities available to a wider audience. “Technology is embedded in every aspect of our operations to ensure we can provide hotel-style accommodation at an unprecedented price point” says Rhea Silva, Chototel’s founder and managing director.

Indeed, each room at Chototel is fitted with a microbot, which transmits data about guests’ utility usage to an online platform. Using this technology, guests can monitor their utility bill usage real-time and make payments on a consumption basis via an app. This not only gives guests the opportunity to cut costs on utility payments during their stay, but also benefits the environment through encouraging a culture of energy-usage awareness.

IOT technology has also been instrumental in enabling Chototel to provide rooms at a base rate of $2 a day, without sacrificing on comfort or convenience. For example, guests check-in and check-out of Chototel via an app. This serves to automate a service previously reliant on staff, and enables Chototel to minimise management costs.

These innovations are likely to expand in the coming years and mark a major shift in the way we live. As of now, the number of ‘things’ connecting to the internet every second is 80, but by 2020 this could increase to more than 250 ‘things’ connecting each second. With apps and robots quickly entering the hotel scene, Chototel hopes to lead the hotel industry into this new digital era.

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