Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective: Why Businesses are Opting for Steel-Frame Construction

What do Paris’ Eiffel Tower, New York’s Empire State Building and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa all have in common? All these famous buildings are made of Steel. Since the onset of the Industrial Revolution in the late-18th century, steel has been used in construction. First used to fabricate smaller elements like hardware and railings, the material has gradually taken on a structural role allowing architecture to rise, quite literally, to new heights.

The range of renowned buildings made from steel-frame construction attest to the materials’ design flexibility as well as endurance. Well-known as the technique that made the skyscraper possible, steel-frame construction is increasingly gaining popularity in residential construction for various reasons.

Chototel is one of the many companies opting for light-gauge steel frame construction in order to build cheaper, quicker and greener. Firstly, steel constructions are very quick to build on site, as a lot of the work can be prepared offsite and then simply assembled onsite. Every component can be can easily be carried by hand, and the main tool required is a handheld screw gun. For Chototel, this has enabled us to cut construction times to less than one hundred days, while ensuring a high level of quality across every location and providing vital employment opportunities to unskilled, local labour.

Additionally, steel-frame constructions are flexible, making them highly resistant to dynamic forces such as wind or earthquakes. In contrast to their wooden counterparts, light-gauge steel construction do not shrink, warp, or decompose, giving them a long-life span of up to one hundred years. The structure can be clad and insulated in a wide range of materials, which Chototel has taken advantage of to ensure our homes are highly insulated and therefore energy efficient. In addition to the fact that the construction technique eliminates the need for bricks and wood, the material is an obvious choice for companies conscious of their environmental impact.

The benefits of steel-construction are quickly catching on, as steel is increasingly being recognised as popular construction material for the future. As the global housing shortage worsens and the public and private sector continue to grapple with issues of housing supply, steel-frame construction can provide a way of supplying affordable homes that are quick, energy-efficient and cost-effective.

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