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Social Purpose

Chototel was conceived out of a need to provide good quality, dignified housing solutions in a market that fails to cater to those at the bottom of the pyramid. Access to decent housing is a fundamental human right; however, soaring rentals and housing prices have forced citizens, in developed and developing countries alike, to live in substandard conditions. Rapid urban population growth and a relative lack of attention to urban housing poverty have exacerbated this situation, particularly for the urban poor. Globally, 235 million urban households live in substandard housing and, if current trends in urbanisation continue, this figure will rise to 440 million households – equivalent to one third of the world’s urban population– by 2025. Chototel, by addressing this gap in the market through a low-cost solution to the global housing crisis, has the potential to create significant social impact.

Social Context

Chototel’s mission is to be a catalyst in ending homelessness, by building the world’s largest affordable hotel business.

Economies and cities struggle with accommodating their poorest citizens. The rural poor migrate to cities to the extent that they now constitute the majority of the urban population in developing countries. However, their living conditions represent a tragic failure on the part of urban planners.

Chototel will positively impact the communities it operates in. Community benefits include improved health, education, economic security and household stability. Chototel hotels are :

  • Clean, hygienic and affordable to the lowest economic strata
  • Driven by innovative technologies leading to create a secure and comfortable living environment
  • Revitalising communities to be vibrant, hopeful and healthy
  • Built with social infrastructure so that children, the elderly and non-working members of the household are cared for


As the people’s hotel, Chototel hotels are embedded with a sustainable social infrastructure so its guests and their families are all cared for — from children to the elderly and to nonworking family members.

Chototel’s core tenants are small, nuclear families and industrial workers. Each Chototel room can hold 2-4 people, and guests benefit from a clean, safe environment with inexpensive, uninterrupted utilities. Children have access to a crèche, community kitchen and play areas during working hours. This allows both parents to be gainfully employed, increasing a family’s economic opportunity. These services will typically be manned by residents who are not working. Residents who are offered work in Chototel community spaces will receive rent subsidies through the formation of community self-help groups.

Chototel’s strong focus on the social infrastructure allows core guests and their families to not only be a part of, but actively participate in a safe and accommodating environment directly benefiting all members of this community.

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Community Benefits

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Chototel offers well-ventilated housing with access to clean water and sanitation, thus minimizing the risks of water-borne and respiratory diseases common in substandard housing. Quality, affordable housing can also improve mental and physical health, and better the quality of life and independence especially for low-income senior citizens.

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Children in developing countries are regularly forced to drop out of or are unable to attend school due to issues of access, poor health and lack of housing infrastructure. With better housing, children are can attend school without the interruption of easy-to-prevent illnesses. In addition, with a reliable housing solution, children have a stable environment more conducive to studying, resulting in better learning and increased motivation to stay in school.

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Household Stability

Most households spend over half their income on housing, and hundreds of thousands more have no home at all. Access to decent, affordable housing provides critical stability for these families, and lowers the risk of becoming homeless. This is particularly true for daily wage earners and migrant workers who have poor saving mechanisms and consequently struggle to make monthly payments.

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Reduced Costs

Energy efficient improvements reduce the operating costs of each house, freeing up much-needed funds for other expenses. Additionally, our hotels will be positioned in the middle of job growth centres and will help low-income residents save money through reduced dependence on transportation. The central location also increases access to better jobs, improves health and allows residents to easily reach critical community services.

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Job Creation

Chototel’s construction technology is highly automated, requiring a limited operational skill set. This allows Chototel to hire unskilled workers among the local labour force, providing job opportunities for vulnerable groups. The creation of self-help groups within Chototel hotels will lead to greater employment opportunities for women and senior citizens who can offer administrative services in lieu of rent. This again alleviates some pressure off single earners in the family.

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While creating social impact through new hotel technology is Chototel’s main focus, hotel operations also ensure secondary environmental benefits. These benefits include a reduced carbon footprint in our construction, reduced carbon emissions in daily operations, and efficient water and waste treatment practices.