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March 2017

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Energy-Efficient and Cost-Effective: Why Businesses are Opting for Steel-Frame Construction

What do Paris’ Eiffel Tower, New York’s Empire State Building and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa all have in common? All these famous buildings are made of Steel.    Learn more

January 2017

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Our Urban Future Requires Radical Housing Innovation

Humans are rapidly becoming an urban species. Today, more than half of us live in a city, with that proportion expected to rise to 66% by 2050.   Learn more

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Why More Investment Should Be Directed to Social Enterprises

Almost two in five social enterprises (39%) say access to capital is the single biggest barrier to their organisation’s growth.   Learn more

December 2016

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The IOT Revolution : What this Means for Chototel

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has long been a hot topic in the technology industry as the next revolution in our digital era.  Learn more

November 2016

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Victorian Squalor in 2016: The Private Rental Sector in Crisis

As demand for affordable rental accommodation far outstrips supply, a growing number of private renters are living in unsafe and insecure homes.  Learn more

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Housing supply needed to prevent homelessness

Last week, a report by Crisis found preventing 40,000 people a year from becoming homeless could save the UK government £370 million per annum. This alone is not the answer.  Learn more

October 2016

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Hidden Homelessness: The Most Important Social Problem Facing Britain Today

Seeing homelessness is not uncommon in big cities. With 3,569 people sleeping rough in England in 2015.  Learn more

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Not Even Low Unemployment Can Ward Off The Scourge Of Homelessness As Rents Rise And Wage Growth Slows

Official figures show homelessness is rising. Against a backdrop of low unemployment yet slowing wage growth    Learn more

August 2016

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Shrinking Households: Why Housing needs a redesign

Families are changing and the twentieth century concept of the nuclear family is giving way to a plethora of alternative ways of living.   Learn more

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The 50,000 Homes Campaign and London’s Housing Crisis

London First’s Fifty Thousand Homes initiative is a business-led campaign to double housebuilding in London to at least 50,000 homes a year    Learn more

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Chototel Becomes a Certified B Corporation

Chototel became a Certified B Corporation in August 2016.B Corps are a new type of company that uses the power    Learn more

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UK still flies the flag for overseas startups despite Brexit uncertainty

Despite sky-high levels of hysteria in the run-up to, and immediately after, the Brexit vote, the doomsday scenario for British businesses    Learn more